Short Stories

Believe | Short Horror/Mystery Story

I never knew I was this innocent. I never thought I could be the cause of everything that happened. I never had any clues it would affect the people I loved.

“Please be punctual tomorrow, and once we arrive, don’t be too excited and over-reaction. Behave yourself.” Her loud voice echoed the entire class, making all of the 30 students muted themselves. Miss Roshana stayed still silently, her eyes wandering and scanning slowly the tedious faces in the class. My gaze met hers in a split of time, as I felt some sort of dark thoughts coming back and forth into my mind. Oh God, this is beginning to be scary. She broke the silent treatment with a farewell announcement which was just ‘Okay, see you tomorrow’ that somehow I found it funny. Miss Roshana was never as delightful as Miss Erina, my English teacher who always smiling 24/7 but she was someone very mysterious. Whenever I looked into her eyes, there was something begging for help and I never had any clues to acknowledge more, but little did I know that I should’ve care less.

Ignoring all the thoughts I had in mind, I heaved a long sigh heavily, thinking of how lazy and tired was I to join this oh-relaxing camp which will take place in a Perdana Resort. This camp was purposely for us, PT3 students that had just finished sitting on our big examination to enjoy ourselves after months brainstorming and putting our caps on preparing for PT3. Well, for me, I’d rather hide comfortably under my comforter and watch 13 Reasons Why as I didn’t get the chance to watch the popular series during the previous months. PT3 was coming in its way, you wouldn’t want to interrupt your studies with the broken Hana, right? Alright, enough about the Netflix series as I was brought down back to Earth by this girl namely Hani a.k.a my best amigo in the world. “Aisyah! What’s up with you? Got some boys in mind?”

I frowned in a second before bursted out laughing so damn hard. The idea of having boys in mind was totally ridiculous. How could I think about those boys when I was an anti of them? Not really, but I just couldn’t get along with them, and besides, it is a significant matter for all Muslim girls to behave and limit the relationship especially among boys.

“Nah, tell me one boy I know,” I challenged her with a wicked smile plastered over my face. “Well, well, as if I don’t know, huh! Of course, Aiman, right?” His image suddenly popped out in my mind. Aiman. He was a good friend during my childhood years but it’d been a long time since I last saw him. “Hm, may be so.” I didn’t want to get my bestfriend upset, so let’s just lose. “Ahah! Gotcha!” She giggled sheepishly, and I just grinned, brightened up the whole situation.

“Anyways, are you excited for tomorrow. .?” I asked her, who looked almost dull. “Well, no comments. I don’t think it’ll be so much fun.” She said flatly. “Hm. But hey, at least there’ll be swimming pools and slides, ain’t it?” I exclaimed happily, trying to lift up her happy spirits. Her eyes brightened instantaneously, as my mouth cracked into a small smile. I knew she would love to splash around in the cold water as much as I would too.

Ringgggggg! The school bell rang, echoing the whole school meaning it was time to go home. The thought of going back was an honor for me. Home was always a safe haven for me, with my big family and all, it was just a place for me to hide from the lies of the world. I stuffed my things inside hurriedly before walking out the class with Hani. We lived in the same neighbourhood which was just a walking distance from the school so there was no problem about walking back and forth from home to school. We walked together side by side silently, as neither both us had nothing to say. I turned to look at her and she looked scared somehow. I made a sound from my throat to fill the silence but then Hani broke the silent walls and said, “Hey, um, you know, I kind of read something in the paper last week,” She sounded nervous and terrified to speak out. “And then. .?” I arched my eyebrows, curious. “Well, you know, that Perdana Resort we will go tomorrow, is, um, haunted.”

I snickered, “L-O-L, Hani, you don’t believe those things.” I then turned to her and caught her biting her glossy lips. “Aisyah! You don’t, don’t say that.” She emphasized her words, and I rolled my eyes, “Ugh, stop it. I don’t believe in those things, so say what you want. I’m not going to believe a single word.” Hani sighed heavily, “Read the Quran, tons of stories about them are in. What you say?”

“I mean, those ghost stories, creepy pasta stuff. Ghosts are stupid things you waste your time believing it,”

“Aisyah! Filter your mouth, can you?”

I glanced over her, who seemed so serious. “Whatever girl.”

The dusk was thickening fast and the day turned very windy in a flash. Lightning was happening in all of sudden, as the sky turned dark. “No, it’s going to rain, and we don’t have a single umbrella!” I panicked, and Hani began to walk hurriedly. “Hani, wait for me!” I ran, catching her pace in scared. “Aisyah, come on! We better be hurry!”

Raindrops slowly to fall, watering the planet Earth. At first, it was just a small amount of it, but the closer we got to our houses, an abundance of it was falling down, hard. “Hani! Hold my hand!” I shouted, as we were struggling so hard to run back home. I already saw my house from afar, and caught my breath, relieved. Hani was as struggling as I was, and there were just steps remaining before we got to my doorstep.

“1,2,3 HOME!” I shouted happily as we were steady pace on my doorstep. “Mom, Dad! I’m home!” I knocked the door continuously, but no sound came to greet and open the door. Hani was breathless, as the scarf on her head was terribly soaked out. I looked around and there was my Dad’s Proton and Mom’s Jazz in the compound. But hey, where are they?

“Look, try the knob. Who knows they are somewhere, maybe doing the grocery shopping?” Hani suggested, and I nodded. In the name of Allah, I tried to open it and it wasn’t locked. I sighed in relief before walking in my house. “Hello, Mom? Dad? Assalammualaykum!” I shouted, but my voice echoed the entire house. No respond. Not to mention it was very dark inside.

“Aisyah, let’s get ourselves dry first. They will be back.” I looked at her with a deep eyes and nodded, agreed with her suggestion. “Let’s go then.”

As we were heading to my room, my house phone rang. Goosebumps were all over my body and I looked slowly to Hani. She nodded her head, as I swallowed nothing into my throat. I carefully went to the living room, with Hani following behind, and took the phone slowly.

It took me a moment to actually put the phone on my ears as I concentrated on what the caller tried to say. But no, it was a voice mail. I cussed under my breath as I listened carefully.

“Aisyah, darling? Are you listening? If you are now, I just want to let you know that we are away for 2 days. Some stuff happ—” And the voice stopped.

The voice mail ended just like that. I stilled, as I felt warmth behind me. “Are you okay?” Hani asked me gently and I responded to her. I shook my head and turned to her. “Mom and Dad are not coming home until I will come back after the camp. No luck.” I muttered slowly as Hani patted my back and said after a while, “You can sleep in my house if you want.” I was surprised with the offer and immediately replied, “Are you serious?”

“I’ve never been serious before.” She smiled sweetly and I nodded, “Of course! Thank you so much!” She nodded and grinned. “Let’s get you pack your clothes for tomorrow and dry ourselves.”

“Let’s go.”



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