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Believe | Finale


The sleep over in Hani’s house was awkward as ever. Her parents were friendly, but somehow scary. They kept in talking about such topics like ghosts, and all those that associate with it. I wondered how Hani could live a life surrounded by parents that actually believe in the existence of ghosts.

We were now in the bus on the way to Perdana Resort which was 2 hours away from our school. I sat next to Hani, and we were not chatting as usual. This Hani was silent, and somehow, dark. Not that kind of dark skin, but dark forces. She looked pale and her eyes were shallow. Her scarf was a bit weird, and that made her mysterious. Hani wasn’t usually like this. She was opened, and bright. But then a thought came into my mind. People can change. And Hani too. I looked outside, trying to refresh myself with the green trees along the roadside.

I wondered what my parents were doing, until not a single call I received from them. Enjoying the green view, my eyes stopped at the girl with a long white plain dress standing behind a shady tree, looking straight at our bus which stopped for a traffic light. I gulped before I closed my eyes and looked away. As I turned to Hani, she was looking at me with a pair of watching eyes and clenched teeth.

“Oh God, Hani! Don’t surprise me like that!” I screamed, felt like the electricity was jolting through me. Hani didn’t reply, but instead Miss Roshana came to me and asked, “Are you okay, Aisyah?” I faked a grin and nodded, “Yeah, I’m sorry. . .” Miss Roshana turned to look at Hani and heaved a sigh. “We have another 1 hour to go. You may sleep.”

I closed my eyes tight after Miss Roshana disappeared to go to her seat and ignored Hani who seemed so full of herself. All of sudden, I heard sounds of smooth and slow lullaby echoing my ears. It was really good . . . and it actually drifted me to sleep.

When I woke up later, Hani wasn’t behind me. The students were just woke up from their sleep and ready to get out from the bus. I joined them together, thinking Hani already at the front. I looked outside through the window, and it actually surprised me a lot to see Perdana Resort is somewhat like a realistic dystopia. And I had to survive for another 60 hours.

As we were out from the bus, we began to take our bags. I heard slow whispers from others saying that they were scared, and this place might be haunted. All of 30 students I scanned look terrified and I realized I didn’t get a glimpse of Hani since we were out from the bus. I quickly looked around and identified each faces but no, there was no sign of her. “Hani!” I called her out loud, but still no respond. I hurriedly went to Miss Roshana but stopped when I found two girls, Dahlia and Lili, looking so serious while having a serious conversation with Miss Roshana with Julia beside them crying non-stopped.

Now, I sensed something bad would happen.

Without hesitation, I went further to them and asked why. Lili shook her head, her lips were white. I looked toward Julia who covered her face with both of her palms, muttering no’s all the time. I joined the serious conversation between Dahlia and Miss Roshana, before I eventually understood the whole situation.

Julia definitely saw something around this resort. And it must sure relate to the missing Hani case.

“Aisyah, what’s your problem?” Miss Roshana’s soft voice greeted me. Dahlia and Lili were looking at me, their eyes watery. The students started to make a circle around us, all of them were shivering in scared. “Hani, Hani’s missing.”

The crowd stayed silent and just before Miss Roshana opened her mouth to say something, a sonorous scream happened to be heard loud enough.

It was Fatin.

All of us walked backward in a flash, everyone looking so scared and speechless. Fatin continued to scream, as the gentleman Kamarul, taking his role, holding the shivering and bewildered Fatin to calm herself. She was out of control, sweats were all over her head. Her eyes opened in a blink, and there was only the white part showing by her eyes, making us gasped in horror. Another scream happened to be heard again, and this time it was Danial. Miss Roshana was the only teacher that accompanied us, so the situation was really out of control. Realization hit me. Weren’t the screams loud enough for the staffs to actually realize the chaos happening outside?

But still, no one came and tried to help. Several screams were followed. Everyone was terrified and their mouths were reciting the Holy verses from Quran. For a second, I tried to shut my eyes tightly and close my ears with both of my palms before I felt slow tap on my shoulder. I opened my eyes slowly before saw the face I’d longed to see. “Hani! Where were you! I was looking—” She cut me off as she said quietly, “Follow me,” Her face was pale and white, as her hands gripped my wrist tight and led me away from the chaos. Before I could silently ran away, I glanced over Miss Roshana who surprisingly just stood still, watching the students panicking with a calm face like nothing happened.

We ran into the mysterious forest which located beside Perdana Resort. Her grip on my wrist tighten, as I asked, stuttered, “W-Where are we going?” Her pace were fast as lightning, and I, being the careless type as ever, kept on stumbling over rocks and twigs that scattered on the ground. “Shut up!” Hani sneered, giving me a death glare.

The grip on my wrist was hurting, and I groaned in pain. “Stop it, Hani, you’re hurting me!”

“You shall to be!”

“What have I done to you?” I exclaimed loudly, tears were already forming in my eyes. She was silent, as I caught a glimpse of a wooden house seen tiny from a far. “Go in there.” She stopped, before releasing the grip slowly. I looked at her, right through the eyes. “GO!!”

“You’re not Hani!” I shouted, releasing all my anger that boiled since a while ago. “WHERE’S MY HANI?!” I shouted very loud this time, and closed my eyes immediately. I was breathless and helpless, as I tried to open my eyes and found her vanished into the air.

I instantaneously ran to the wooden house, catching for oxygen as I studied the wooden house clearly. Why does it seem so unreal?

          Sobs and cries were heard unclearly, but I managed to identify that it was Hani’s. Without hesitation, I immediately stepped in the house only to find the people I loved.

Mom, Dad, and Hani.

But then, who was with me just now if Hani was locked in here?

They were all tied up with long black hairs—human hair— and their mouth were shut with a bone. An actual part of skeleton. I gasped in horror, these were too much to handle. “Mom, Dad, Oh My God, what happened,” I muttered under my breath as tears wouldn’t stop flowing down. Mom shook her head, blood were sputtering all over places around her, as I looked at Dad who tried to say something which I understood as ‘brief in em’. Hani was in terror and seemed very exhausted, as I looked down only to realize the legless Hani. Blood were flowing out non-stopped, and I gulped, before falling down to the ground with tears never stopped coming out.

I cried out loud, blaming myself for everything that happened.

I regret not believing in these things, I regret so much that it happened to me. I regret making myself and people I loved involved unintentionally. I never thought these were all chasing after me.

“I’m sorry Mom, Dad, I am the cause of this happened in our lives, I’m sorry I was a rebel to you! I’m sorry! Mom, Dad, I love you so much. Thank you for raising me up, and Hani, thank you for being my best fr—-”

Someone shut my mouth, making me gasped for air. “Stay calm, can’t you?” The familiar sound whispered in my ears as I tried to recognize the sound.

Miss Roshana.

I felt my hair being pulled so hard, it made me groaned in pain. I saw my hair slowly flown to the ground, as it felt very stinging before another loud hit on my head eventually knocked me down to the floor. Blood coming out, forming a river around me as I heard footsteps coming close to me.

“Well, well, let’s get everything done. We have a big feast tonight! Lots of bones should be buried by tonight. Hm, where do I start. .”

And little did I know, they are trying to make me believe in them by making me one.


“Hayya, another crime in a forest, huh,” Ah Tan said along with a sigh, before pressing his lips tight. “It’s been a while since that serial murderer start murdering people, you know.” Pak Hasan replied, eyes focused read on the paper, ‘A FOLLOWING CRIME TOOK PLACE IN A FOREST. INVOLVED 3O STUDENTS AND 2 ADULTS’

“It was a camping at the first place,” Pak Hasan said, and Ah Tan nodded, his mouth forming an ‘O’ shape.

“Seems like we can’t let our kids go camping in the future, ha ha ha,” Ah Tan laughed with his own joke, as Pak Hasan nodded, laughing together.

They did not realize in the joy between, a pair of watchful eyes were watching them intently, planning the strategy for the next victims.


Okay.. So, how was it? I told ya, it’s not really scary. Please, leave me any constructive critisms before you go. I really appreciate it :))
P/S: This is my first attempt of writing horror stories so yep. I’ll be doing an explanation of all those confusing plot-holes so stay tuned.


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