How To Reduce The Impact of Climate Change

In today’s world where a strong greenhouse effect that lead to global warming, the sea levels rising and partially melt the ice and glacier are the result of what humans have done to the world which simply prove of their own doings that bring damage to our Planet Earth. These irresponsible people who merely act before thinking cause intense effects towards our health state and even mother nature itself. Extreme heat can cause illnesses such as heat cramps, heat stroke, and even death. A 2003 heat wave in Europe caused about 50,000 deaths, and a 1995 heat wave in Chicago caused more than 600 deaths. Therefore, these effects are really needed to be taken care of and emphasized more on the Planet Earth.

As a concerned and liberal individual, the first step that should be implemented is from deep down in heart, which is knowledge. If we want to love someone, we have to get to know what his or her true colors is. This is same goes to the current situation whereby we need to have the knowledge about what actually is climate change and what is the impact and effects that come along with it. In this case, you need to have that voluntary effort which means it will take your precious time to have some time reading articles and facts about the world issues. It is crucial for us to have all the facts and matters in mind as we will be taking actions precisely and seriously as a responsible individual. Although this is just a tiny, small stuff you think it’s petty, you won’t be able to take such actions by heart because you don’t even know and understand what you’re doing. At the end of the day, you’re only forcing yourself to do something you don’t know why you’re doing so and technically stop practicing the actions that you’re trying to implement.

Once you’ve enhanced the basic knowledge, you can know how to identify what exactly these major impacts might be. Thus, strategies to improve communities and wildlife resilience to climate change can be implemented. First, let us start with the very basis essence which is consuming energy. According to the website, it stated that power lines, transformers and electricity distribution systems face increasing risks of physical damage from the hurricanes, storms and wildfires that are growing more frequent and intense. Air conditioning costs will rise due to increasing temperatures and heat waves, along with the risks of blackouts and brownouts in regions throughout the country. If we as an individual would contribute on saving the world even if it’s little, we must now have already unplugged the computers, TVs and other electronics that are not in use and things like washing clothes in cold or warm (not hot) water. Another tip is dryers are energy hogs, so hang dry when you can.

Next, this may relate to our daily lifestyle which sounds kind of hard for us to apply as it would involve the term adaptation. Nevertheless, once you love something, you would risk your last breath for it. So speaking of the point, the keyword here is food. When talking about food, everyone would have in their mind a piece of scrumptious pizza or even your Mum’s chocolate cake. Now, put those aside, let’s buy organic and locally grown foods. What it means here is fruits, vegetables and those related with them. Processed food like savoury snacks should also be avoided. Food writer Michael Pollan sums it up best: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Food utilization which is climatic and based on www.wfp.orgrisks affect calorie intake, particularly in areas where chronic food insecurity is already a significant problem. Changing climatic conditions could also create a vicious cycle of disease and hunger. Nutrition is likely to be affected by climate change through related impacts on food security, dietary diversity, care practices and health.

We all know that major issues like deforestation, depletion of Arctic ice, the loss of wildfires species are not something that we can take them easy. It even requires a great amount of money and endless effort to reduce the climatic impacts. As a caring individual, we can still deal with this kind of issues by implementing small yet effective actions that positively might bring a long-term outcome.

By Wan Anis Syafiqah bt Wan Amran


Wondering why I posted it here? Yeah, cliche answer, I didn’t get the chance to submit the essay until the closing date. No luck!


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