I Am Just His Servant

Assalammualaykum, earthlings 🙂

Today I feel like want to talk about such religious thing, although I know so much that I am not even a pious nor ‘alim one. Sometimes I would ask myself, “Why am I still living in this world when the fact that I couldn’t stop sinning? I commit such sin everyday, every morning, everytime that you can lose counting. Why am I still living in this world when I am only just sinning? It hurts, the pain is all over places and the scars ache. My life is nowhere near the definitions of happiness and peace, why can’t I just leave this place? Why can’t I just die? Why do I still have to live in my broken soul? Why, Allah, why?

I am such a sinner, O Allah, why do you still keep me alive?

Why do you still give me chance to breath in your air,

Why do you still give me the chance to keep my eyes open this morning,

When the fact that I couldn’t stop committing sins over and over again?

I am a rebel to You Allah!”

One answer that can point out everything: Allah loves you.

Allah loves you He still gives you the chance to live, to repent to Him, to fall upon your knees and make sujood to Him! He loves you that He allows you to breath His air! He still gives you all these but what we have done to Him? We still commit sins! We don’t do what He wants us to do but yet.. He still gives us the chance to live in this world. He still gives us the chance to open our eyes this morning. Allah loves us, dear!

 يا ترون. لا تحب أن الله لن يغفر لكم

“O you believe  … Do not you love that Allah would forgive you?” (Surah Noor 24:22)

Allah loves us He wants to accept our repentance. Allah is so Loving, that He doesn’t allow us to leave this world but gives us opportunity to make repentance. How can’t this make you drop a tear? He is so Kind, and Forgiving, so turn to Him.

Even if you have mountains and mountains of sins, the ocean depth of bad deeds, do not lose HOPE! Why are you still living then when you know you have that huge amount if sin? Allah wants you to make repentance, dear!

Return to Him.. Turn to Him.

 “Allah almighty said: If My servant loves to meet Me, I love to meet him, and if he hates to meet Me, I hate to meet him.” (Al- Bukhari)

Allah loves you, no matter what you are. No matter who you are, You are His servant! We are His servant!

Allah loves those who repent:

The Repentant:

Allah said: “surely Allah loves those who turn much (to Him), and He loves those who purify themselves” (2:22). Allah wanted the people who have made sins to turn from their sins and make up for them in order to be near to Allah through gaining His satisfaction, for He has promised to accept their repentance and forgive the sinner, He said: But whoever repents after his iniquity and reforms (himself), then surely Allah will turn to him (mercifully); surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful (5:39), O you who believe! turn to Allah a sincere turning; maybe your Lord will remove from you your evil and cause you to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow(66:8). In addition there are many other Ayahs that indicate the roominess of repentance, because they reveal that the repentant stores in his soul the fear of Allah for the sins that he had committed, asks for Allah’s mercy and likes to return back to Allah to serve Him. He is also repentant for what he has done in the past intending to change his bad past to do what makes Allah loves him. It is said that Allah loves the repentant and erases all his sins. Thus, by repentance, man is reborn like he was in the day his mother has given birth to him, “the repentant is like the one who has no sins”.

Allah said: “surely Allah loves those who turn much (to Him), and He loves those who purify themselves”. (2:222)

Hadith narrated by al-Bukhaari [3209]:When Allah loves a slave, He says to Jibreel, “I love so-and-so, so love him”, so Jibreel loves him and then calls out to the people of heaven, “Allah loves so-and-so, so love him”, and the people of heaven love him, and then acceptance is placed in the Earth for him

Despair not of the mercy of Allah.


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